Purpose. Most people go through their lives looking for that one thing. That one thing that you do effortlessly, something you enjoy and and are really passionate about. While some figure out their purpose early, my wake-up call came a year ago because when my purpose hit, it kept me up at night and kept lingering in my mind until I had done something about it. I am constantly getting shocked reactions when I tell people what I do. I was recently even described as a unicorn because there are not many women in my industry. Now my purpose is unravelling and I have taken a major step in my life that will potentially make the lives of those coming after me easier.

On Saturday, I kicked off the div:a programme were I train young girls how to code. I wish I had mentors when I was younger and I feel that my experience and expertise will help these girls navigate their way through the industry if they decide to pursue tech after school. Upskilling is never a bad thing, especially when the skills one is acquiring will help your side hustle. I am sure if I was a dentist by day, I would still put my coding skills to use and buy a mansion with all that extra cash! Apart from the industry suffering a huge shortage of web developers, women do not have that much representation in the industry. This initiative will help fill in the gap as well as address the major issue of youth unemployment in South Africa.

Breaking barriers, glass ceilings and stereotypes is what I am all about. We need more unicorns out there. Coding is fun and rewarding when it is your purpose and the only way to realise your purpose at times is to get one’s feet wet. These girls have taken the first step and judging by how our first day went, the future is so bright we need sunglasses. The first session went amazingly well and has helped me understand the importance of giving back as well as being an individual who lifts others up rather than pull them down. So, the journey begins, BUCKLE UP!

Special thanks to OnePointFour Consulting, CREACHA, and New Life Church for backing up this initiative…

Yours truly
div:a unI/Orn


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